When I thought you were coming on Valentine’s Day…a letter to my daughter

When I thought you were coming on Valentine’s Day…
I was scared. I was selfishly wondering how “I” was going to handle that. As a woman who is just starting to embrace pink and release lies of what femininity is, I was about to be pushed over the edge with a Valentine’s Day baby.

Then God started changing my heart. Slowly, but abruptly on this day, THIS Valentine’s Day He gave me a new perspective. It is His grace that I receive when I do these things. Make up my mind about the way things are and then as […]

1 question to ask yourself while decsion making

When I am making a hard decision, one I can’t seem to get my head and heart to team up on one question I ask myself which usually brings immediate clarity is:
Which option allows my faith to be put to the test in a greater way?

For example: I just had the opportunity to attend a conference in Ohio last week for our business. I wanted to go and knew it would be good for me to be surrounded by this “tribe” of people. I would grow and learn more no question. I could even justify that it would have […]