I pray for patience everyday and have for nearly four years.  Because for me, impatience sparks frustration & anger.  But until about four years ago, I hadn’t experienced a fire or even felt the spark for a very long time.

When I was in grade school I misbehaved more than I’d like to admit.  My temper and lack of self-control was noteworthy, especially when it came time for report cards.  As the years past I “grew out of” my lack of self-control and anger became a distant memory – one that I would reference to inject comic relief during my late teens and twenties.  Then something unexpected happened – it came back.

Knowing what I know now, it never really left; it was just dormant.  Our flaws just don’t go away – not without some serious prayer, hard work, and a believing heart.  When I prayed for patience, I received opportunities to build my patience – not patience itself.  Did I not pray or try hard enough?  Perhaps.  However I believe everything changed one night when I humbled myself and took genuine responsibility.  God blessed my humility because that’s when we trust and hear Him most clearly.

As I continue to study myself – from fear and expectations to victories and anxieties, I have learned to stop,  listen and learn.  You see before I committed to myself, Kaelyn, and our family to do the hard work it takes to continually grow into a better man, husband, and father, I made excuses or placed blame.  Excuses and blame were my “get out of jail free” card instead of embracing the hard work by taking responsibility.  Freedom doesn’t come easy; nothing worthwhile ever does.

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” – Saint Augustine