When I am making a hard decision, one I can’t seem to get my head and heart to team up on one question I ask myself which usually brings immediate clarity is:
Which option allows my faith to be put to the test in a greater way?

For example: I just had the opportunity to attend a conference in Ohio last week for our business. I wanted to go and knew it would be good for me to be surrounded by this “tribe” of people. I would grow and learn more no question. I could even justify that it would have been good for my family if I were gone for 4 days to learn this new stuff and come back to implement. But the truth is, I already have things in my toolbox that I am not implementing. Not only that, but our family is in a time of major transition with a new job and a new home all in the last month…not to mention I am growing a baby;)

So while this transition has been taking place you better believe that my family had felt it’s effects. While they are all good things, it still sends tensions soaring and uncertainties mounting that leads way to tantrums and irritation…not to mention the kids behavior during this time:) Anyway, everything in me wanted to be in Ohio where I could grow the easy way with information and ideas being shared with me.

But I knew in my heart God was saying ” I have ways for your to grow here too, but they might not be handed to you as easily. You will learn them by working through your fears that you have missed out in Ohio, or by dealing with your sick kids and all of the emotions that unfold from life transitions, or by living in your new home while there are boxes all over and your dreams of clutter free living are put to a major test. But ultimately, you will learn because you are a MOM and I have given you a family that needs you and needs stability right now more than they need you to be inspired by new ideas.”

and with that…the decision was made!

I stayed home because all of a sudden the answer to the question about going or staying was easy. I would need to rely on my faith more if I stayed here in the physical mess and in the emotiotional chaos.

The cool thing about God is that as soon as you come to that sort of decision He immediately starts revealing more. It is as if by choosing to strengthen my faith He said, “look here at what you could have missed, look here at the clarity I have for you about this season of life that you are in.” When He says that as a whisper to my heart I am immediately rushed with PEACE that says I have made the right choice and even in this moment my faith is stronger.

And all I can do it be grateful and in awe that He loves me that much and how saying no to somethings that I really want means saying yes to things that He knows I really need.

So what decisions are you trying to make lately? A new job, a relationship, or maybe you are struggling to accept the season of life you are in. What would happen if you asked yourself this question?

Which option allows my faith to be put to the test in a greater way?