Life has picked up speed in dramatic fashion over the last 4 months and it has (and continues to be) a season in which God is stretching me beyond my comfort zone.  I have come face to face with doubt a number of times in some big ways and I am finding that the doubt I am experiencing is self-doubt.

Self-doubt is like chocolate.  Too much will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, but in moderation can actually improve your health.

The difficulty for me is acknowledging self-doubt as a good (even safe) thing.  Our culture suggests that self-confidence is the key to a successful and abundant life.  The more self-confident we are the more faith we develop in our own ability, which is a good thing; isn’t it?  Through God’s grace I am finding the opposite to be true.

In the midst of (another) difficult decision, God woke me up early this morning to remind me that He is my confidence. I am learning that a lack of faith in me is not a sin as long as it drives me to a greater dependence on Him.

His gracious reminder came in Judges 6:36-40 in the story of Gideon and his fleece.  Ask God to reassure you of something today. Do I have this right? Am I misreading the situation? He is faithful to answer and that’s something to be confident in.