Self-doubt is like chocolate

Life has picked up speed in dramatic fashion over the last 4 months and it has (and continues to be) a season in which God is stretching me beyond my comfort zone.  I have come face to face with doubt a number of times in some big ways and I am finding that the doubt I am experiencing is self-doubt.

Self-doubt is like chocolate.  Too much will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, but in moderation can actually improve your health.

The difficulty for me is acknowledging self-doubt as a good (even safe) thing.  Our culture suggests that self-confidence is the key […]

It’s time for a break down

I had the opportunity to have coffee with a successful entrepreneur & CEO last week that raised my awareness. You know the kind – a conversation or thought that stays with you for days. I consider these my “look out” moments from God and they end up being a piece that was previously missing in my worldview jigsaw puzzle. During our conversation, we bumped into each others passion for growth. I spoke of Kaelyn’s and my intentionality – how we have authored our OPUS – a roadmap for our life adorned with passion, goals, and helping others do the […]