Talent is a gift, but your true potential is earned.  I believe in hard work and one of the greatest lessons my dad ever taught me when I was growing up was to work hard and to never quit.  That ethos has soaked into the core of who I am as a person, so when I take a moment to reflect on gaps within my character and I recognize neglect, I get concerned.

Let me be straight – that initial concern is naturally one of avoidance.  Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to think that the sharp and unkempt areas of our lives should be hidden, often times shoved under blankets of shame, regret, and guilt.  The paradox in that worldly logic is that hidden things never see the light of day, so how can you heal/repair/discover things that are kept hidden?  You can’t, you won’t, and you don’t.

The key is in breaking the belief that your character stains need to be hidden and this only comes through hard work.  The problem is that we are all inclined to believe things that are not true; often not knowing that we’ve done so.  This is where you need to ask yourself or a trusted truth-teller in your life, what those qualities are. It’s difficult showing your character stains and pressing into them, but it’s worth it.  After you crawl through the muck, you are free.  That doesn’t mean you never have to face it again, but after you’ve run your first 5K, it’s not as daunting the 2nd and 3rd time you line up at the starting line.

Here’s a kick start guide to help you begin breaking the beliefs that are holding you back:

Identify them

Focus on one

Change your perspective

Write it down & put it behind you

Celebrate, you worthy and you deserve it!

Repeat & move on


Here’s an example of one that I overcame about my own life about a year ago:

Identify – I was a bad child.

Focus – Throughout my childhood, I was told by teachers, parents, and family that I had was a bad kid due to lack of self-control. I was the problem.

Change – There are no “bad” children, there are just children who are not being engaged.  They misbehave to win attention that they desperately desire, but need to be taught the right way to capture it.  Negative attention tears down; positive  attention builds up.

WriteUntil today I believed that I was a bad child. I am responsible for those beliefs, but they no longer define who I am.  I am accountable to tear those walls down with reckless abandon because I have identified them as lies and I will no longer build my life upon lies.  I commit not to pass lies and limitations onto my family.  I am a child of God, chosen before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight, through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for me.  I am made perfect in Jesus

Celebrate – I give myself space for mistakes, time for victory laps, and involve others in the celebration.  I deserve it!

 What belief are you breaking today?