My wife Kaelyn and I did a radio interview a few weeks ago and were asked to give a little background on One Revealed and how it all started.  It’s a loaded question, but one that we enjoy answering because we’ve intentionally examined our story.  You see, before becoming a student of my own life and how I interact with it – past, present, and future – this question would have been met with bewilderment.  Now, I simply acknowledge this new beginning (of One Revealed) as sharing a story we are too passionate about to keep to ourselves.

What do I mean by story? Your story is simply your you-ness.  What experiences, trials, lessons, victories, and struggles have you had (or do you have) that makes up your story?  This is important because like a fingerprint, nobody has the same story as you.  We are passionate about putting our stories to work because our belief is that since God is the author of our story, we believe it is for the greater good for it to be shared.  That doesn’t mean it comes easy.  At times it can be excruciating because you do not become you overnight, you become you over time and through successfully dealing with adversity along the way.

So where do you start?

  • Step 1 is to Pay Attention.
  • Step 2 is to ask Why.
  • Step 3 is to Overcome.
  • Step 4 is to Repeat.

This will begin uncovering areas of your life that may have gone previously ignored or explained away.  Andy Stanley said it best when he said we need to, pay attention to the tension.  When I began recognizing the tensions in my life and taking responsibility for them (i.e. impatience), I quickly realized that chalking up a short temper to that’s just how I am wired, is an utter cop-out.  You see, I was building walls around my shortcomings and insecurities with blame, excuses, and denial – in short I was playing the victim.  Victims are powerless because everything that happens to them is outside of their control, which results in inaction.

Inaction is standing on the tracks when a train is coming.  What’s productive is to get off the tracks as quickly as possible.  Taking action changes the power equation, but you also must take responsibility with action.  These two ingredients are integral to move from victim to victor.  Victors overcome.  Victors hunt for the gaps in their lives and take action to overcome them.

Uncover your story, take action, overcome, and repeat.