True Potential is Earned

Talent is a gift, but your true potential is earned.  I believe in hard work and one of the greatest lessons my dad ever taught me when I was growing up was to work hard and to never quit.  That ethos has soaked into the core of who I am as a person, so when I take a moment to reflect on gaps within my character and I recognize neglect, I get concerned.

Let me be straight – that initial concern is naturally one of avoidance.  Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to think that the sharp and unkempt areas of […]

Uncovering Your Story in 4 Steps

My wife Kaelyn and I did a radio interview a few weeks ago and were asked to give a little background on One Revealed and how it all started.  It’s a loaded question, but one that we enjoy answering because we’ve intentionally examined our story.  You see, before becoming a student of my own life and how I interact with it – past, present, and future – this question would have been met with bewilderment.  Now, I simply acknowledge this new beginning (of One Revealed) as sharing a story we are too passionate about to keep to ourselves.

What do […]