When I thought you were coming on Valentine’s Day…a letter to my daughter

When I thought you were coming on Valentine’s Day…
I was scared. I was selfishly wondering how “I” was going to handle that. As a woman who is just starting to embrace pink and release lies of what femininity is, I was about to be pushed over the edge with a Valentine’s Day baby.

Then God started changing my heart. Slowly, but abruptly on this day, THIS Valentine’s Day He gave me a new perspective. It is His grace that I receive when I do these things. Make up my mind about the way things are and then as […]


I pray for patience everyday and have for nearly four years.  Because for me, impatience sparks frustration & anger.  But until about four years ago, I hadn’t experienced a fire or even felt the spark for a very long time.

When I was in grade school I misbehaved more than I’d like to admit.  My temper and lack of self-control was noteworthy, especially when it came time for report cards.  As the years past I “grew out of” my lack of self-control and anger became a distant memory – one that I would reference to inject comic relief during my […]

1 question to ask yourself while decsion making

When I am making a hard decision, one I can’t seem to get my head and heart to team up on one question I ask myself which usually brings immediate clarity is:
Which option allows my faith to be put to the test in a greater way?

For example: I just had the opportunity to attend a conference in Ohio last week for our business. I wanted to go and knew it would be good for me to be surrounded by this “tribe” of people. I would grow and learn more no question. I could even justify that it would have […]

Get What You Came For!

About four years ago my first son was born and around that same time I began to teach cycling classes at the local gym.  I had never instructed anything before, but wanted to share my love for exercise and get paid for it!  In all previous fitness classes, the instructors had quirky things that they would holler or a variety of prompts that they would encourage you with as the going got tough.
So naturally, I wanted my own motivational phrase to share with the class on the brink of exhaustion:
Powerful eh?  Well the truth is […]

Self-doubt is like chocolate

Life has picked up speed in dramatic fashion over the last 4 months and it has (and continues to be) a season in which God is stretching me beyond my comfort zone.  I have come face to face with doubt a number of times in some big ways and I am finding that the doubt I am experiencing is self-doubt.

Self-doubt is like chocolate.  Too much will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, but in moderation can actually improve your health.

The difficulty for me is acknowledging self-doubt as a good (even safe) thing.  Our culture suggests that self-confidence is the key […]

It’s time for a break down

I had the opportunity to have coffee with a successful entrepreneur & CEO last week that raised my awareness. You know the kind – a conversation or thought that stays with you for days. I consider these my “look out” moments from God and they end up being a piece that was previously missing in my worldview jigsaw puzzle. During our conversation, we bumped into each others passion for growth. I spoke of Kaelyn’s and my intentionality – how we have authored our OPUS – a roadmap for our life adorned with passion, goals, and helping others do the […]

True Potential is Earned

Talent is a gift, but your true potential is earned.  I believe in hard work and one of the greatest lessons my dad ever taught me when I was growing up was to work hard and to never quit.  That ethos has soaked into the core of who I am as a person, so when I take a moment to reflect on gaps within my character and I recognize neglect, I get concerned.

Let me be straight – that initial concern is naturally one of avoidance.  Why? Because we’ve been conditioned to think that the sharp and unkempt areas of […]

Uncovering Your Story in 4 Steps

My wife Kaelyn and I did a radio interview a few weeks ago and were asked to give a little background on One Revealed and how it all started.  It’s a loaded question, but one that we enjoy answering because we’ve intentionally examined our story.  You see, before becoming a student of my own life and how I interact with it – past, present, and future – this question would have been met with bewilderment.  Now, I simply acknowledge this new beginning (of One Revealed) as sharing a story we are too passionate about to keep to ourselves.

What do […]